Short Term Therapy

Our current state dictates now more than ever the need for quality mental health care. During these times of uncertainty, Mo Mello is offering FREE (brief) telehealth therapy sessions to those who need a safe, non-judgmental space to process.

How it works +

  • You will first complete a screening for eligibility (If denied you will be given 3 referrals to therapists in your area)
  • Once you have gone through the eligibility process and complete an informed consent you will be given a list of dates and times to choose from to complete your sessions. Each session must be at least 2 days apart. Mo Mello is offering a Maximum of four 50 minute sessions free of charge.
    • After the 4 sessions are complete you will then be offered the opportunity to become a full-time client for a fee. Fees will be based on your income.
  • All sessions will be conducted via Telehealth-You will need access to the internet and a device to participate

** All applicants MUST be currently residing in the state of Texas**

Operate intentionally

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Level out

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Liberate your emotion

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Manifest your vision

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Own your mess

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Magnify your space

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Expand your perspective

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