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Educators lay the groundwork for students to build a successful future. Our current climate has exposed how vital mental wellness is for teachers and students alike. The demands of balancing curriculums, state testing, lesson planning and teaching students can become stressful.

Mo Mello offers a mindfulness and meditation training course for educators to better equip themselves and their students for the challenges that lie ahead. This course will include the opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

What's Offered +

During this course you will be introduced to the following:


  • Mindfulness & Meditation Basics
  • Focus Enhancement
  • Automatic Reactions vs. Wise Responses
  • 5- minute meditations for Time Management, Stress Management, Self-Validation and Balance


As a result, you will create opportunities to share the same mindfulness and meditation practices with your students, regardless of grade level.

Operate intentionally

Mo Mello

Level out

Mo Mello

Liberate your emotion

Mo Mello

Manifest your vision

Mo Mello

Own your mess

mo Mello

Magnify your space

Mo Mello

Expand your perspective

Mo Mello
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